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Steak Guide: These Are The Best Steak Cuts For Grilling

Today, we’re going to walk you through our official Steak Guide. We know there many cuts of steak for grilling but how do you know which one to get? How...

These Are The Best Steak Cuts For Grilling

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Today, we’re going to walk you through our official Steak Guide. We know there many cuts of steak for grilling but how do you know which one to get? How flavorful are different cuts of meat? What is the perfect steak for grilling? 

Luckily, you’re in the right place. We’re going to impart our steak-grilling expertise to you right here. With this comprehensive guide to steaks, you’ll get a solid idea of the different kinds of cuts out there waiting for you to take a chance and give them a try. 

Here is our official list of the best steak cuts for grilling.


# 1. Ribeye Steak 

If you’re an enthusiastic member of the grilling community, you already know that ribeye steaks are often called “The King of All Steaks” — and for good reason. The ribeye is arguably the finest steak out there. It’s known for its perfect juiciness, tenderness, and thick beefy flavor. Ribeyes are almost always used in steak-grilling competitions for these reasons. 

Ribeye steaks can be purchased boneless or bone-in. When looking for the ideal ribeye steak, look for streaky marbling but avoid huge streaks of fat through the middle of the meat. Butchers can prepare ribeye steaks at many different sizes and cuts, depending on what you need and how you want to cook them.


# 2. Strip or Strip Loin Steaks

Alternatively known as the New York Strip, Kansas City Strip, or top loin steak, this cut gives the ribeye a run for its money. It’s tender, flavourful, and well-marbled. Just like the ribeye steak, it’s a favorite for grillers around the world. 

Strip loins are steakhouse favorites. Some chefs say that they pack a more intense beefy flavor than the ribeye steak but, of course, this depends on many variables. It’s more common to have a boneless strip loin than a bone-in strip but when they do still have the bone in, they’re usually called club steaks.


# 3. Tenderloin Steaks (specifically, Filet Mignon) 

Beef tenderloin is, as the name suggests, the most tender cut of beef. The cut comes from a long muscle inside the cow’s short loin. This cut of steak isn’t naturally as flavourful as a ribeye or strip loin steak and it has a lower fat content that can make it a tad dry. 

But filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin and filet mignon is a very special treat. Steers provide a maximum of 500 grams of filet mignon. It’s rare which means that filet mignon can be quite expensive. 

Although tenderloin steaks aren’t the most flavourful part of the steer, they can be dressed up in a variety of ways, with steak spices, bacon wrap, and anything else your creative cooking mind can come up with. They can be quite delectable when prepared correctly.


# 4. Porterhouse Steaks 

If you’re ever seen a porterhouse steak on a steakhouse menu, you already know that they cost an arm and a leg. If prepared at home, though, they’re a bit more cost-effective. The Porterhouse steak is a bit of a buffet — it’s a cross-section of beef short loin from the rump, a section of the backbone with ribeye muscle on one side and tenderloin on the other. The Porterhouse features a much larger section of tenderloin than its counterpart, the T-Bone Steak.


# 5. T-Bone Steaks

T-Bone Steak

Image by gasparhe from Pixabay

As mentioned, T-Bone steaks are very similar to Porterhouse steaks. They differ in that T-Bones are more forward on the short loin so they have very little tenderloin muscle. The T-Bone steak is a favorite but it’s a tad difficult to cook because it’s easy for the two sides of the steak to cook unevenly. Just like the Porterhouse Steak, the T-Bone is a two-in-one so keep that in mind while grilling.


# 6. Top Sirloin Steaks 

Top Sirloin Steaks are probably the most cost-effective steaks of the bunch. They’re affordable and, although they’re less tender than some of the cuts more higher up on this list, they’re still packed with flavor. 

These steaks are taken from the beef sirloin primal cut, which goes from the hip bone to the lower back. Because these steaks are a tad tougher and drier, special attention is needed to keep them from overcooking.


# 7. Flank Steak 

Flank steaks come from the belly of the cow, as suggested by its name. This cut is tough but incredibly flavourful. It’s thinner than some of the other options so grilling time is a lot faster. This steak should never be grilled over medium rare because of its size. A medium or well-done flank steak will be way too tough. Flank Steak has to be sliced against the grain for optimum results. For those looking to maximize the flavor, a marinade is a good option here. Keep in mind, though, that this does not mean the steak will tenderize.

# 8. Skirt Steak

Skirt steak comes from the chest and abdominal area. These cuts are thicker and surrounded by connective tissue but are very flavourful and should be cooked on a very hot grill. Like the flank steak, it needs to be sliced against the grain for optimum flavor. 

Skirt steak works very well sliced and put into fajitas or similar dishes. Marinades or spice rubs are very complimentary to this kind of steak, too, however, overcooking it is detrimental to the quality of the meat and the natural flavors.

There you go — our picks for the top eight cuts of steak available from your local butcher! Now all that’s left to do is get grillin’!

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  • Eve Mitchell
    Eve MitchellNovember 18, 2022

    My husband knows filet mignon is my favorite cut of steak, and he was planning on making me it for my birthday. Unfortunately, our power went out and it has been off for a few days, so we are trying to find a steakhouse to visit instead. I love that you mentioned that these parts can be dressed up in a variety of ways to add flavor.

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