Frequently Asked Questions


Roast'Em Skewers

How many skewers do you get?

Our Marshmallow skewers come in a set of 5 with an included fire-resistant carry bag.


What type of metal is this product made of?

All metal on the skewers are made of non-toxic stainless steel.


Do the marshmallows stay on well, even when you cook them slow, golden brown and melty inside?

The marshmallows will stay on just fine, even at a downward angle over heat.


How do the skewers rotate?

The metal shaft rotates independently from the wooden handle with a small turn dial that allows you roast perfectly without rotating the wooden handle.


How long do the skewers extend?

The skewers extend to 36”, allowing you to remain a safe distance from the heat source, they easily retract to allow for space-saving storage with the included fire-resistant carry case.


Are the skewers dishwasher safe?

We used a quality wooden handle on our skewers which doesn’t fare well in the dishwasher and will cause the wood to degrade over time, the coloring on the handle will also tend to come off in the dishwasher as well. We recommend using soap and water and haven’t had any issues!


Ekogrip BBQ Gloves

What happens when you touch something hotter than 425 degrees (ex. under the broiler) with these on? Do they melt, or just not insulate as well?

Great question! The gloves will not insulate as well in extreme temps, or the heat will be felt through the gloves more quickly. Generally the heat will be felt more quickly in hot liquids and pans hotter than 425 degrees. We have used the gloves many times for items coming out of oven broil at 500+ degrees, or grabbing items out of boiling water with no issues. The gloves will not melt.


Will either glove work for the left or right hand?

Absolutely, the gloves are interchangeable between hands, the raised grip is the same on both sides. 


What is the best way to clean the gloves?

You can wear the gloves and wash them like you wash your hands, toss them in the dishwasher, or in soap water in the sink, cleaning them is so easy!


How do I know what size to order?

We recommend using the size chart included in the images section on the product page. And remember, we offer free no-hassle size exchanges if you find the gloves don’t fit appropriately!


Do you have XXXL or Triple-XL?

Not exactly, however our XXL Ekogrips are very large, and our customer service is excellent in the event you aren't satisfied.


Can you use them to pull pork/handle food?

The gloves make quick work of pulling meats and they also handle food perfectly!


Firefighter BBQ Grill Brush 

Are the wires that hold the bristles stainless?


The bristles are constructed of stainless steel galvanized iron, this is different from the generic 3-1 (3 barrel bristled) brushes you see elsewhere on Amazon which are made of a cheaper stainless steel or similar. The difference with the 4 sided brush is that the bristles are resistant to rusting due to the higher quality of metal. As with all of our products this also has a lifetime replacement warranty!