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5 Summer Grilling Tips for 2020

These 5 grilling tips will help take your barbecue to the next level this summer. They answer legendary questions like grill lid up or down? How many times do I...

meat and vegetables on a round grill

Who can imagine summer without firing up the grill? Naturally, not us. One of the things we look forward to most during the summer is having our friends come over and lighting up the grill (and maybe cracking a cold one by the pool, if you’re into that). The grilling not only lets you escape the boxed in heat of the kitchen but also gives the food that delicious and smoky flavor and aroma that is undoubtedly satisfying and can only come from a grill. So, whether this summer is your first time stepping in front of the grill (welcome to a new addiction!) or you are a seasoned and experienced grilling pro, we’ve put together five tips that will definitely set you right for this summer's grilling experience.

Let's begin.


Grilling Tip #1 - Faster Lighting

Don’t make your hungry guests wait all day for your charcoal grill to light. Speed it up with a chimney starter!  Whether you make your own or buy a new one, a chimney starter will never fail to produce nice and hot coals. One big advantage is that you will need no unnecessary lighter fluid. This will certainly make the grilling experience easier and better. This is a very helpful tool, especially if you have a full-sized grills though it works with small grills as well.


Grilling Tip #2 - Grill Open or Closed?

For quick-cooking cuts, keep the lid of the grill open!  One of the most common and constant questions that is asked every time you fire up the grill is: Lid closed or open? Actually, the answer to this old question depends a lot on what you are cooking. As a thumb rule, it is always smart to keep the lid of the grill open while cooking the thin cuts of meat and fish or anything that needs a quick cook time. For example, thin pieces of chicken breast, steak, and burgers. In a similar way, if you are cooking large and thick cuts of meat like whole pork or chicken tenderloin, then you should keep the lid of the grill closed.


Grilling Tip #3 - How Often Should I Flip Steak?

Flip the steak frequently!  You probably have heard it many times that the meat should not be messed with when it is on the grill. Although it is still widely believed to be true, you can keep flipping the meat frequently for a slice of better, more consistently cooked meat. However, remember to do that only after you notice browning of the steak's sides.


Grilling Tip #4 - How Often Should I Flip Hamburgers?

Flip burgers just once!  Unlike steaks, burgers are the opposite! The meaty patties will fare best with minimal handling and require just one flip.


Grilling Tip #5 - How Should I Prep My Vegetables for Grilling?

Cut vegetables into round shapes and strip just before you grill!  That’s the secret behind successful vegetables grilling - cutting them to the proper sizes! Remember, grilling is mainly about the surface area. The more the surface area, the more grilling-flavor.  For better and faster grilling, you should cut and slice the vegetables into rounds or long strips.


Grilling Tip #6 (One more for the road)

Putting food on the grill, flipping it, and taking it off is an art of its own with all the different utensils available. Don’t forget, we humans come with the most amazing tool built in – our hands. Throw on a pair of Ekogrips and brave the flames this summer so that you can focus on your recipes and the perfect cook, rather than stressing over an incident free grill-to-plate food transfer.

There you have it!  With summer now officially here, let's get out there and perfect our barbeque and grilling!

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