How to Pick the Best Steak to BBQ

by Jolly Green Products on June 18, 2019

picking a steak to barbecue - steaks in butcher shop

Not all steaks are created equal. (Sorry.) Some are more tender and have excellent marbling, while others are on the leaner side. So, when it comes to BBQ, how do you know which steak makes the cut? Here are a few things to consider.


Thickness of Steak

If you're looking to pick the perfect steak, thickness is one of the primary things to consider. Basically, the thicker your steak is, the better it is likely to be. You should try getting steaks that are at least one-inch thick. This will give you the flexibility to choose the right cooking time for it, makes for a better rare-medium cook, and has less risk of accidentally overcooking since it will cook slower. Most cooks wouldn't recommend thin steaks as they can be easily overcooked if they’re left for even a minute too long on your grill.


Marbling in Steak

The white sections running down your steak, or essentially the fat in your steak, is known as marbling. While most of us don't prefer having fat in meats once we’re eating, this is the part that'll render the flavor and tenderness in your steak. Since no one wants thick chunks of fat in their meet, look for more long, thin lines of marbling. As your steak starts cooking, the marbling will melt and add an excellent flavor to it.  


Grades of Steak

The USDA has considered all the factors in coming up with a common determinant of a good steak. Generally, “Prime” is the highest grade of steak, and that is the reason why it's so expensive. Prime Grade steaks are usually served in restaurants and found at butcher shops. In grocery stores, you'll more often see the grade that's right below “Prime,” popularly known as “Choice.” Choice Grade steaks are also good, and a more affordable option for whipping up a good BBQ.


Cuts of Steak

If you're looking to barbeque your steak, it is really important to focus on the cuts. Here are the top cuts for a grilled steak. 


Ribeye Steak - Perhaps the best among all steaks, ribeye steaks offer a perfect combination of tenderness and a beefy flavor. Whether you're choosing the boneless or bone-in variants, ribeye steaks are perfect for the grill.

New York Strip Steak - Also known as Strip Steaks, New York Strip Steak is arguably as good as the ribeye. In fact, such is their similarity that you're likely to be baffled while choosing between the two. The defining aspect of the strip steaks, however, is the fact that they have a more intense beefy flavor than their ribeye counterpart.  

Tenderloin Steak - Elongated and pencil shaped, tenderloin steaks are the most tender cuts of beef. Residing in the deepest corners of the cow's short loin, this cut is soft and easy to cook. Its only downside is, perhaps, the fact that it is not as flavorful as the Ribeye or the New York strip.

Well, now that you know how exactly to pick a great steak, what are you waiting for? Choose your cut, get your recipe and start barbequing right away! Practice makes perfect – pick out more steaks, barbecue more steaks, and soon you’ll eat better steaks!


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