London Broil Grill Time Chart: Your Time and Temperature Guide

by Jolly Green Products on January 21, 2020

London Broil Grill Time Chart

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So you’ve got a nice London Broil all lined up and ready to cook but you’re not too sure what to do with it. Do you need a meat thermometer? If not, exactly how long should I cook the meat to get my desired results? There are so many sources on the internet — which can I trust?

With our exclusive London Broil Grill Time Chart and Temperature Guide, you won’t have to look any further.

Here’s everything you need to know.


What is London Broil?

London Broil refers to two distinct but interrelated things: a cut of meat and a broiling method. In this post, we’re focusing on grilling a London Broil cut, just to be clear. London Broil is a lean cut of meat that is in equal parts healthy, filling, and incredibly flavourful. Grilling is arguably the best steak recipe to cook a London Broil, which we’ll get into a bit later.


Should I use a meat thermometer?

The short answer is no. London broil cuts are typically 1-1½ inches thick so a thermometer will likely produce inaccurate meat temperature readings. Your best bet is to go with a timer.

Timing a grilled steak might seem a little scary to beginners because you won’t know what the steak looks like on the inside until you cut it open. Don’t poke or prod your steak while cooking to try to figure it out - what you really need is a proper chart to follow as you grill.


Beef Grilling Tips

Beef Grilling Tips


  1. You should turn your steak once, halfway through the cooking time. Flipping your steak too much slows down the process and makes it harder to cook.
  1. The ideal cooking method is to sear the steak on high heat and finish on medium.
  1. Sear the meat for two minutes for steaks between 1 and 1/2 inches thick or four minutes for steaks from 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick. In the chart below, searing times for steak have been accounted for.


London Broil Grill Time Chart



Rare to Medium Rare (120- 135°)

Medium (135- 150°)

Well Done (155° - 170°)

London Broil Steak

1 to 1.5 inches

10-15 minutes

15-20 minutes

20-25 minutes

London Broil Steak

1.5 to 2 inches

15-17 minutes

17-20 minutes

20-22 minutes


Note that most London Broil is not more than 1.5 inches thick but we’ve included the alternate row below to account for any extra-thick cuts.

The great thing about grilled London Broil is that it can be prepared and served in a variety of different ways using marinades and side dishes. The possibilities are endless when considering this lean cut of steak.

Here are some extra Tips and Tricks for Grilling a London Broil Steak:


1. Always buy a cut of good quality steak.

    This seems like an obvious point but the difference between good and mediocre quality meat is tangible. Make sure to stop by your local butcher and ask about available options at all price points.

    2. Prepare the meat well.

      Tenderize and use a marinade or rub with the meat before grilling. You should also allow it to reach room temperature before cooking and can use either a gas grill or a charcoal grill.

      3. Let the meat rest (again) before serving.

        Give the steak time to redistribute its juices, evening out the flavor. Don’t serve it right away after removing from the grill. This is a rookie mistake — although you may worry that the steak will lose its heat, letting the meat rest is better for the cut altogether.

        Happy grilling!
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        I think you can flip the steak now Dave

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        Do you sear for 1 min on each side , and then turn to medium? And finish?


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