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What is the Best Wood for Smoking Pork? Here is Our Pick

What is the Best Wood for Smoking Pork? Here is Our Pick

If you’ve never smoked pork before, you might find the task a little daunting. There are so many different types of wood to choose from for your smoker and an endless pit of internet resources and advice available to both emerging and experienced cooks. 

The issue with pork is that it’s a very particular kind of meat. Creating a well-smoked pork shoulder, loin, or ribs may take a while to master. It's a subtle art that requires patience and time to get right. That said, choosing the right kind of wood is key to the process. 

That’s why we’re taking you through the pork-smoking process, outlining the options for your chip tray and highlighting our personal favorites.
by Jolly Green Products on January 17, 2020


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