Updates From Your Favorite BBQ Accessory Company

by Jolly Green Products on April 20, 2019

Hey all, exciting things ARE happening at your favorite BBQ accessory company. You might have noticed our website has had a facelift since you were last here. Anyway, let’s dive in.

Firstly, your favorite silicone bbq gloves are coming in a new color and perhaps more in the future. See below the Charcoal Grey Ekogrips arranged amidst a medley of fixings. Be sure to follow us on Instagram of Facebook to participate in polling, we listen to our followers so make your voice IS heard over there. 

silicone bbq gloves jolly green color grey xl/xxl

Our EkoClaw Meat Claws are almost always Amazon’s Choice with 86% 5 star reviews. We know, there is a lot of room for improvement there but nevertheless, they make an excellent gift that will last forever. 

meat claw bbq tool

Our BBQ Grill Brush is also almost always Amazon’s Choice with a 5-star rating and an average of 88% 5 stars! Killer, easy to use and effective. Money back guaranteed, as our motto goes.

grill brush bbq tool kitchenware



Seeking retail partners…

We’ve done really well selling online but have noticed a lack of quality BBQ accessory options as we meander local and national stores. If you have any suggested places we can reach out to let us know in the comments. We are all ears.

Lastly but equally important thank you to all the folks at...

Smoked BBQ Source for rating us the best waterproof BBQ gloves. We agree with you on all fronts of your review, definitely not ideal for handling charcoal, embers, or burning wood.

Rick Brown at AmazingRibs.com for his critique of our gloves and the Bronze medal (PROPER NOUN?) for best 100% Silicone BBQ gloves. We’ve heard from a lot of people to put a fabric liner in our gloves, we are experimenting with this idea. Thank You!

Chris Grove of NibbleMeThis.com for perhaps the earliest review we received on our original BBQ gloves. Thanks so much, can we send you a set of our new gloves? Pick the color and give us an address. Also, the best way to remove the glove is with a dry hand towel. Simply put it over the glove you want to take off and with your other hand pull the glove off. It’s a smooth operation.

Business Insider for rating us the best waterproof grill gloves!  Recently, while working a wedding I needed to get eggs we cooked over medium in a sous vide. The extra length in our glove made it easy to pull two dozen eggs out of the hot water, no problem. Though, if I had to keep my hand in the water for a longer duration the glove would’ve become too hot. So, use the glove for this in moderation.

EzVid for rating us #3 for best BBQ gloves on Amazon. Hassle free cleanup is one of the big reasons we use ours so frequently.

Elize, Katie, Melinda, and Steph at Best Reviews for rating us Best Of The Best Oven Gloves. Yeah, can’t miss our bright orange at all! Be sure to check out the new colors we are coming out with, they are more neutral to go with any kitchen!

Tara Williams at Kitchen Sanity for her #1 rating for heat resistant BBQ gloves in her review. Being reasonably quick is the key in some cases for sure, they are made of silicone and they conduct and hold heat over longer durations.

Charlie at Simply Meat Smoking for giving us a 4 out of 5 stars in his honest review. With silicone we found it to be tough to both be durable and have excellent dexterity. We opted for durability, as it’s most inline with our company values of offering a lifetime guarantee. As a team we are discussing what a fabric liner will do to the glove, it will definitely increase their temperature resistance.

We’d like to thank every one of our customers for their wonderful reviews and support throughout the years. You keep us going!

To get notified when the new color EkoGrips are available this spring, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to get these updates. If you like, vote in the comments which colors you would like to see.


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