5 Ideas for Enjoying Your Backyard this Summer with Your Family

by Jolly Green Products on June 12, 2019

backyard with lawn furniture

Summer - the perfect time for neighborhood socials, late-night hangouts and, of course, backyard barbecues. It is the season to spend time outdoors. The good news is you don't need to move to an exotic and luxurious location for an exceptional outdoor experience. Your backyard is the real thing. It has all that you may need for a memorable summer season, and with these 5 tips you can enjoy your backyard with your family even more this year.


1. Gather around a Fire Pit or a Fireplace

A campfire gives a totally exciting experience particularly in the chilly evenings. This is made a reality by finding a simple fit pit and some nice chairs to place around it. Grill some hot dogs and s'mores for your loved ones, put your feet up, and enjoy the sounds of a crackling fire and the summer evening.


2. Host a Party

Everything is better with the right company, and that includes your backyard. Choose a day with favorable weather so as to enjoy the cool summer breezes and sunshine, and choose a theme (but don’t go overboard – it’s a party not a planning chore!).One easy theme is a garden party. Just arrange your flowers and ornamentals around the seating points and serve fresh flavors like mozzarella, basil, fresh fruits, fresh baked goods and tomato skewers alongside your barbecue.


3. Have a Music and Movie Night

Music and movies have proven to be among the best sources of entertainment. They freshen our minds and make us relaxed. Get a nice music playlist for your company, some wireless speakers and stream the music with no interruption.  Watching movies requires comfortable seating options and an outdoor screen. You can as well set up a projector and a white sheet (or grab an affordable outdoor projector screen off of Amazon.com) and you are ready to go. Get some snacks and drinks for you and your loved ones while enjoying the movie under the stars. Don’t forget a blanket for everyone in case the weather gets colder than expected.


4. Get Your Summer DIY On

Many of us have watched home improvement flicks or gardening shows meaning we have many DIY ideas swimming in our heads just waiting to be put to practice. Some have even bought supplies for these DIY projects but left them to collect dust and dirt in the backyard. Getting out there and implementing these ideas is one of the greatest ways to enjoy your backyard this summer. Grab your tools and materials and work on these projects which could be as complicated as a new deck or as simple as a new birdhouse. Some great ideas connect you with your landscape, like a fun garden bench, handprint stepping stones, a mosaic stone path or a new garden planter.  Others could be for food and entertainment, like building a smoker or a countertop on your patio nearby your grill.


5. Go Camping in Your Own Backyard

I can assure you that this will give you and any children you may have a totally new and memorable experience that you will live to tell. Grab your sleeping bags, some snacks, drinks, tents and other necessary items then head out to your backyard. Set your camp there for the night, and light that fire pit from tip number 1. It is a very great way to enjoy your summer season, and you may even have a chance to sneak away from the little ones and enjoy an empty, quite home for the night once they’re asleep.

Summertime is a great time to spend outdoors, so be sure that your backyard is ready for it! There are several unique and exciting ways to enjoy your backyard this summer but the above have proven to offer the best experience.

What do you recommend to get more out of your backyard?


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