Jolly Green Products Set To Launch Ekogrips Silicone Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves On Amazon

by Change Is Good on December 02, 2014

Readying the marketplace for the launch of their Ekogrips Silicone Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves on, Jolly Green Products continues their focus on eco-friendly products.

Dedicated to providing the marketplace with eco-friendly kitchen items, Jolly Green Products, based in Moscow, Idaho is set to launch their flagship product on in mid-February of this year. The forward-focused company’s launch of the Ekogrips Silicone Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves is already creating a buzz due to the product’s ability to allow consumers to safely grab food items on a BBQ grill, in an oven, or on a stove without the use of utensils. Bringing a new convenience and dexterity to cooking, the insulated gloves promise to make cutting corners while preparing a meal as easy, and quite literally, as “grabbing a bite.”

Zach Greenfield, Owner of Jolly Green Products said of the grilling gloves, “We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve already received from consumers that anticipate the launch, we’ve gone the distance to test the product in all high-heat environments and we’re proud to say we have an exceptional product to offer.” As to the name Ekogrips, Zach Greenfield explains, “We chose the name Ekogrips due to the eco-friendlieness of the silicone used, not only is it 100% pure and recyclable, it doesn’t react with food or liquids, nor does it offgas any fumes, making it safe for use around food.” Backed by a lifetime warranty, the waterproof 100% food-safe silicone cooking gloves are offered as a pair and retail for $21.99. Heat-resistant up to 425 degrees, the raised textured five-fingered grip on the gloves allow for added protection when BBQ grilling, handling pots and pans from the oven or stove, or preparing hot food such as large meats that need to be torn from the bone.


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