Ekogrips Silicone Grill Gloves Modify Their Packaging To Be More Environmentally Conscious

by Change Is Good on December 02, 2014

The New Company’s Focus On Environmentally Friendly Products Continues With New, Resource Conserving Packaging For The Ekogrips

Jolly Green Products has announced that they will be modifying their current packaging for their flagship cooking and grill gloves, Ekogrips, to reflect a more environmentally conscious approach. This change comes only a couple of months after the successful launch of the Ekogrips on Amazon the beginning of this year. When asked why they are changing the packaging, owner of Jolly Green Products, Zach Greenfield, shared “There is a world-wide attitude growing toward being more conscious of the environment and conserving current resources; we are also on that path at Jolly Green Products.” According to the popular Amazon based company, the Ekogrips’ packaging has cut down considerably on plastic use and has also changed the labeling to reflect their narrowing focus toward becoming more eco-friendly. Even the gloves themselves are made of 100% recyclable silicone that is FDA-approved and safe for handling food.

According to the EPA, 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2012, representing 12.7 percent of total MSW. For plastic packaging alone, the United States generated almost 14 million tons as containers and packaging in 2012. And of these amounts, only 9% were actually recycled. Zach Greenfield shared, “It is our ultimate goal to continue to find ways to improve on our packaging and ensure that we are lending to a more environmentally aware population in our world.” Zach continued, “As the number of consumers grow, waste amount grows, we want to ensure that we promote a healthy culture that is environmentally aware, even small actions, like recycling the Ekogrips’ packaging, can make a big difference.”


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