The New Ekogrip XL

by Change Is Good on December 02, 2014

The Highly Anticipated XL Size Ekogrips Heat Resistant Gloves Are Here!

New Gloves Designed To Satisfy Customers With Larger Hand Sizes

We wanted to announce that we will be expanding Amazon’s bestselling “Ekogrips” grilling and cooking gloves to include an “XL” size. The release date of the highly anticipated XL heat resistant gloves is scheduled for the beginning of August 2014. Currently, the Amazon based bestseller is offered in a “one-size-fits-most” design which has been in a #1 spot for most of the summer. The XL size is offered at no extra cost to the customer.

Ekogrips owner, Zach Greenfield, stated, “We have had an overwhelming number of BBQ fanatics, chefs, weekend warriors, and more customers with oversized hands requesting larger sizes, and well, we run our business based on customer’s demands.” Zach reports the new XL size Ekogrips will also run farther up the wrist and are considerably larger in size than the original Ekogrips, but will be the same thickness, dexterity, and insulation of the original Ekogrips. The XL sized Ekogrips, in addition to the regular sized Ekogrips, will also arrive in a new eco-friendly box, which Zach calls “part of the whole customer experience.”

Since the release of the Ekogrips in early 2014, Jolly Green Products has attributed their Amazon success to their self-proclaimed “love” of taking care of their customers. Zach Greenfield shared, “I’m from a small farm town where you really rely on the mom-and-pop shops in the area, we really try to retain that feeling of genuineness and integrity by taking care of our customers from start to finish,” Zach continued, “The internet can be a scary place to buy products sight-unseen and relying on a picture or description, that’s where we come in, if you aren’t satisfied, we stand behind our products and find you a solution , or give you your money back, simple as that.”

About Jolly Green Products

Jolly Green Products provides innovative, and eco-friendly kitchen products all backed by a lifetime warranty and exceptional, personal customer service. The company’s flagship product are the Silicone Grill Gloves.


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