Newly Released Silicone Cooking and BBQ Gloves, Ekogrips, Draw Outstanding Reviews On Amazon

by Change Is Good on December 02, 2014

Ekogrips, the newest flagship silicone cooking and BBQ gloves from Jolly Green Products, are now flying off the shelves into, or perhaps onto, the hands of eager cooking and grilling enthusiasts around the nation. Jolly Green Products owner, Zach Greenfield, says “The reviews really speak for Ekogrips. This really is a unique product for many people previously using ineffective oven mitts, you have all the same attributes of a good oven mitt, plus countless other ways to use the gloves, from grilling to canning to even changing a light bulb, the Ekogrips really step up to the plate for protection and range of use.” One reviewer on Amazon shares, “These gloves are amazing. Immediately used them to take a lasagna out of the oven. Didn’t burn myself but did manage to get hot red sauce all over them. Not only did I not feel any heat but the sauce cleaned right off of them. If that would have happened to my old cloth gloves I would have been lucky to get them clean. I should have bought two pair. I Love These Gloves!!” Speaking to it’s “one size fits all” claim, another reviewer posted “The gloves are exactly as advertised, and in today’s world that is a rare attribute. They appear large at first glance, but they fit my medium-sized female hand well. Even better, is they are going to fit the BF’s large hands while he is BBQ’ing our dinners.”

When asked about what it was that draws customers to their silicone cooking gloves, Zach Greenfield shared, “In addition to the diverse range of use and strong protection, Ekogrips are manufactured using FDA approved food-safe silicone, not only do we want hand and wrist protection, we want the environmental safety of using eco-friendly products, it’s just one factor in providing quality products to our valued customers.”

About Jolly Green Products

Jolly Green Products provides innovative, and eco-friendly kitchen products all backed by a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. The company’s flagship product are the Silicone Grill Gloves.